Searching for Happiness

Searching for Happiness – PT4: Supporting your Spirit

Hi there, it is me again.

It is week four of this new super cool  Searching for Happiness series and now we are getting into the deep bits. Today’s post is all about the spirit. No not the holy spirit or the one in your basement, the cool kind, the fun kind.

Is it just me or do people tend to look at you like you are a weirdo hippy, a nonmodern idiot or a judgmental hypocrite when you talk about religion or spirituality anymore? Ok, that may be a little dramatic. However, I do kind of feel like spirituality has gotten a bad rap somehow outside of certain circles.

Regardless of your beliefs or even opinions, I am here to tell you that you NEED spirituality in your life, and maybe you can have it in ways your did not think were even possible.

Here is my own personal list of supporting my spirit. I hope you can try out a few for yourself, who knows you might be more of a weirdo hippy spiritual person than you realized.

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  1. Meditate: I have raved about the benefits of meditation many times on my blog but I will not stop. I WILL NOT STOP YOUR HEAR ME. It can and will single handily change your life. As a result, it is, in my opinion, the best advice of this entire series. If you are interested in learning a bit more on meditation check out this post 4 Books for Meditation Beginners.
  2. Switch tv for music: Music can decrease stress, induce a meditative state, help you work harder, improve cognitive performance and even elevate your mood, to name a few benefits. While TV is not terrible, too much of it has been linked to depression. If you are looking for some background opt for music instead you might even find you are more productive at home.
  3. Volunteer: You don’t need money to make a difference in someone’s life. Find a cause that speaks to you and help out as much or as little as you would like. You may be surprised at how much you enjoy it and it feeds your soul.
  4. Try something outside of your comfort zone: I am rather introverted and I like my comfy bubble but I know that in order to grow I need to push myself. Won’t you join me?
  5. Get a pet: There is no other love in the world like the unconditional love you receive from a pet. If you are in a position to provide a home for a pet then you should do so, it will benefit both of you.
  6. Begin a gratitude practice: When you begin or end your day with the acknowledgment of something you are grateful for you will be training your brain to recognize gratitude more often. Basically like anything the more you do it the easier it comes to you, filling your life with so much joy!
  7. Travel: Travel can be such a soulful and enriching thing to do. Try and go somewhere you have never been before, stare at nature’s beauty or marvel at man’s made havens on earth. It will surely enrich your soul. Check out 11 Reasons to Travel Right Now!
  8. The glass is always half full: You know the saying, and don’t roll your eyes. Guess what the truth is we are always half full. Yes, you can decide to focus on being half empty but whatever you decide just know the other is still there. So just do yourself a favor and focus of what is in your cup not what isn’t.
  9. Watch a funny video: Laughter does wonders for your soul. Get on Youtube and find whatever tickles your fancy.
  10. Do a face mask: This can also count as a great way to be good to your body.  Check out my Self Care Sunday Routine where I talk about all of the simple ways I pamper and take care of myself.
  11. Stop and smell the roses: In the technological society in which we live, it is hard sometimes to remember the true beauty of life. Stop and touch a tree god damn it!
  12. Celebrate the little things: Make small goals and celebrate those small victories. Check out Searching for Happiness – Goals.
  13. Use a mantra: Yea I know. I used to think they were silly too. However, I have come to learn through maturity that having a personal and meaningful mantra can be extremely motivating. Check out this post where I reference some great mantras for you to try. Your Fall Self Love List
  14. Stop comparing: There is literally no reason to compare your life to anyone else’s, it is a waste of time and an inaccurate way to track progress. You are you… go at your own pace. Searching for Happiness – Are you living someone else’s life?
  15. Use aromatherapy: Surrounding yourself with fresh calming scents can have a huge affect on you. There is tons of research out there available proving how aromatherapy can benefit you. Check out this article to learn a little more for yourself Essential Oils Science Health Effects
  16. Don’t care what others think: Yes you should care a little but don’t revolve your life around others opinions. You do you!
  17. Take me time: I know everyone is busy but if you don’t take it sometimes then you might pay for it later on down the road. No that’s, not a threat its just facts. Check out My Simple 10 Step Self Care Morning Routine to see how I like to start the day right!
  18. Don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes: The sooner you can admit your mistakes to yourself and others the sooner you can be free from them.
  19. Get spiritual: The most obvious advice for supporting your spirit is, of course, get spiritual. Spirituality can mean many things for many people, whatever it is to you try and make more time for it. If you don’t have any spiritual practice then maybe read abut some. Searching for Happiness – Self Love Books
  20. Count your blessings literally: Sit down and write down everything you are grateful for. Fold it up and keep it in your wallet, looking at this from time to time will reaffirm feelings of gratitude.
  21. Smile more: Have you ever heard of smiling exercises? Yea, they are weird. I have done them a few times and I actually make myself crack up laughing when I do because I look so weird smiling by myself while driving. Try and smile and not feel happy I dare you!
  22. Learn when to say no: This can be a very liberating practice. Learning to say no sometimes can help you balance yourself..
  23. Get a hobby: Yes that’s right! Puzzles, crafts, cooking, painting, writing. These are all little ways you are you and nurture your unique spirit.
  24. Make a dream happen: A dream of yours. a friend, a family member! What are your dreams anyway?
  25. Don’t push yourself too hard: Learning to be gentle with myself has been a work in progress but a much needed spiritual practice.
  26. Reconnect with nature: This could mean growing a garden, walking in the park, buying some flowers. Reconnect and respect nature and all it has to offer.

Why not check out the whole series?


16 thoughts on “Searching for Happiness – PT4: Supporting your Spirit

  1. I love this post! ❤ I think the one about not comparing yourself to others is especially important (at least, it's something I know that I really struggle with). Social media makes comparing SO EASY, but everyone knows that most people only share the highlights.

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  2. Terrific list! I found that once I got better at 14 and stopped comparing myself to people, life got a whole lot less stressful. Making a conscious effort to smile more, and greet people with a smile also makes a surprisingly big difference if I put effort into it. Sometimes the simple things really have a huge effect!

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